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Do you want to improve server performance and utilization?

Is your technology taking up valuable office space? Do you dream of implementing new IT but lack the space? The solution is Virtualization from Fox Valley Computer Solutions, offering capabilities that enable you to separate your IT resources from your in-house environment. That means you can actually do more with less, because your technology will be delivered to you via the Internet, instead of taking over your office.

By virtualizing your in-house technology, you’ll be able to access more IT, more memory and more software than is physically installed in your office, because it’s all hosted by Fox Valley Computer Solutions offsite. Virtualization techniques can be applied to many aspects of your business IT, including networks, storage, laptop and server hardware, operating systems and applications.

Virtualisation can help your company by offering:

  • Fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing –for higher application performance
  • Simplified disaster recovery – Virtualization's single system image makes recovery painless
  • Consolidated servers with optimized workloads – increases utilization to accomplish more with fewer servers
  • Reduced energy needs – Fewer servers means lower electricity and cooling bills and a smaller carbon footprint


Virtualization technologies provide space and distance between computing, storage, networking hardware and the applications they support – so you get more advanced technology without having to install more equipment.

Best of all, implementing a virtual infrastructure in your business is a smooth and effortless process, because using your computers will be no different. Once your Virtualization solution is active, your administrators can coordinate pooled resources across your business, freeing IT managers to be more responsive to changing market needs and make more efficient use of infrastructure investments.